Diet Plans

The different ways to ActiDiet

You can choose from a range of ways to follow the diet, whether it's a full meal replacement, or combining ActiDiet with other meals of your choice. You choose the plan that suits you. 

ActiDiet is formulated to give you all the nutrients the body needs as well as helping you lose weight quickly. This means that by following the ActiDiet, you will consume all of your RDAs whilst still getting the full benefit of your body's natural, fat burning energy systems.

Maintenance Plan

Replaces 1 meal per week

On this plan you just replace one conventional meal per day with an ActiDiet meal if and when you need to in order to maintain your target weight.

From £1.05 per meal Number of weeks 1 Week £7.50 2 Weeks £15.50 3 Weeks £22.50 4 Weeks £29.50

Easy Plan

Replaces 2 meals per week

Help you taper off the diet progressively and thoroughly prepare you for weight maintenance if you have been dieting for a longer period of time.

Flexi Plan

Replaces 3 meals per week

Similar to VLCD but with added flexibility and a slightly larger 4th meal. Consists of 3 ActiDiet meals + a healthy home cooked meal (guidelines provided) or an ActiDiet LCD ready meal + 2.5 – 3 litres of water per day.

Total VLCD Plan

Replaces 4 meals per week

The fastest and simplest plan available: Eat any 4 ActiDiet meals of your choice and drink 2.5 – 3 litres of water each day. It’s as easy as that!