Water - Why is it important?

Water is essential for transporting and getting rid of wastes and toxins from your body and is therefore very important for weight loss.

Water keeps you hydrated and is essential for many body functions such as digestion, metabolism, moving and even thinking, it also helps keep you focused.

Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger. We can often feel very hungry when in fact a glass of water is all we really need. Therefore a glass of water before a meal is often a good idea to take the edge off hunger beforehand.

We get it, not everybody loves to drink that much plain old water, if you’re one of those we’re here to help.

Sugary drinks and squashes are best avoided. If you like sweet drinks, you can add calorie-free, zero carb sweeteners to your drinks.

You can have decaffeinated, sugar free Coffee and Herbal Tea towards your water intake (caffeinated drinks have dehydrating effects, you’re allowed to have them but not counted towards your water intake).

You can have up to 500ml of fizzy water per day
(no more than that because of salt content).

You may also like to try the ActiDiet Water flavourings which you can use in your entire daily water intake.

Top Tip:

Try to sip your water throughout the day if you can, rather than having it in big gulps. Sipping makes things more comfortable and also keeps your body’s water levels consistent which is important for flushing toxins and waste.

As with all diets, alcohol, for may reasons is not recommended…… sorry!

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